CSIS 3103 - Data Structures

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  • Test 3 : December 13, covers Ch 6 - 8, 10  (Topic overview)
    You can bring one letter size sheet of paper with notes.

  • Tuesday November 30 at 4:30PM in K101:  Computer Society is hosting an IEEE S-PAC (Student Professional Awareness Committee) Event. S-PAC's allows students the opportunity to be able to transition from the collegiate lifestyle to a professional one.  The S-PAC is responsible primarily for developing, implementing, and promoting activities designed to increase professional awareness among U.S. Student Members of the IEEE, and secondarily among all U.S. electrical, electronics, and computer engineering students. 


    Philip Holmer, topic "Engineering your Career"
    Mr. Holmer will discuss how to get that first job and then how to keep your skills current in a competitive job market.

    Joseph Burns, Topic "Networking your Career"    
    Mr. Burns will present some practical tips and strategies for staying employed once you enter the job market by developing a "Professional Contacts Network" and how to leverage that Network to bring you even greater success and career fulfillment.

  • Tuesday November 23 at 4:30 PM in B-126: guest speaker is Carlton Collins and IT Auditor. 

  • Test 2 : November 10, covers Ch 2 - 5  (Topic overview)
    You can bring one letter size sheet of paper with notes.

  • South Jersey IEEE Dinner Meeting: Weds. Oct 20 @ 6:30pm, students welcome  (Details here)

  • Internships with FAA: Details at the Regional Internship Center in J-204 or log on to CareerConnect

  • Test 1, Oct 13: Topic outline
    You can bring one letter size sheet of paper with notes.

  • Stockton Computer Society: General interest meeting, Tuesday September 28th at 4:30pm in B-126

  • Women in Engineering and The Computer Society featuring Dana Whicker who will speak on SOS!  Systems of Systems; When Systems Thinking is Not a Natural Act.   What prevents people from improving the large-scale systems they are in? This presentation addresses the issues and complications that are typical of large-scale systems, also known as systems of systems.  This presentation will share with you the best practices for systems thinking and will encapsulate information from the 2010 IEEE International Systems Conference.   Dana Whicker is a computer scientist with Engility Corporation, working on the Target Generation Facility project in the Real and Virtual Environment Division. When: October 6 @12 noon Where: FAA Bldg 300 Auditorium. Open to the public. For more info, contact Kate @ 485-9073.

  • IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE student members compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems. 23 October 2010  http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/students/competitions/xtreme/index.html  
  •  IBM Master the Mainframe Contest, with over $29,000 in prizes up for grabs! The major focus of the contest is to introduce students to an area of the computer field that they may not have had much experience with, and which is currently in a long-term hiring phase. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. The contest begins on Monday, October 4

  •  Be the Next Cybersecurity Top Gun. Get noticed by a nationwide cybersecurity community. The US Cyber Challenge is looking for 10,000 young Americans with the skills to fill the ranks of cybersecurity practitioners, researchers, and warriors. http://www.uscyberchallenge.org/

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 - Do you consider yourself a gaming entrepreneur? Or maybe a software design aficionado? Or perhaps creating viral videos are more your thing? Well, at Imagine Cup 2011 we’ve got it all — and more! The opportunity to share your creativity with the world. Oh yeah, and the chance to win some pretty amazing prizes. Categories include:  Software Design, Game Design, Digital Media, Embedded Development, IT Challenge http://www.imaginecup.us/Index.aspx

  • Software: The MSDNAA accounts are ready. Go here:  http://msdn07.e-academy.com/elms/Storefront/Home.aspx?campus=stockton_cs

    If you had an account in a previous class, it should be reactivated and ready to use. If this is a new account, click the Register button. Use your Stockton ID (not Z-number) for the Student Identifier, enter a working email address, and choose a password. You will then be registered and be able to access the storefront and select any available software.

  • Fall 2010 textbook: Data Structures: Abstraction and Design Using Java, 2nd. ed., by Koffman & Wolfgang, © 2010 Wiley Publishing, ISBN: 0470128704  (book info)
  • Java development software for personal use:

    If you don't have a recent Java Development Kit, download and Install the latest release of the Java Platform Standard Edition (select a link to download the JDK)

    Then install the Eclipse IDE (choose the second package, Eclipse IDE for Java Developers)

    Note:Although no particular IDE is required in this course, all class demos and presentations will feature Eclipse. Also, labs will require using Eclipse.

  • IEEE Dinner Meeting, Sept. 14. Students welcome. Details here

CSIS 3103 - Fall 2010
MWF 11:20 - 12:35 (room TBA)

This course builds on the skills learned in the Programming and Problem Solving sequence. The primary focus of the course is on the definition, specification, implementation, and use of important data structures and supporting algorithms that are commonly used in modern software systems. Data structures to be studied include lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs and hash tables. Algorithm analysis will also be studied, with emphasis on searching and sorting. Programming projects will provide experience on using the concepts covered in the course.


The Great Wall of China
he only human made structure visible from space

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Dr. Michael Olan

Office: J-101g

Hours: 12:45 – 2:00 MW, 10:30 – 11:00 W  (other times by appointment)

Email: olanm@stockton.edu         Phone: 652-4587


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